Left to right: Dieter Schoell (drums/backing vocals), Jake Fleming (vocals/rhythm guitar), Ashley Lovett (bass/backing vocals), Alek Dyrynda (lead guitar)

Audio Reign, a formidable force in the continuum of hard rock across the decades, epitomises an irrepressible spirit that thrives on the visceral connection forged with live audiences. Their tenacity and uncompromising approach are evident in a musical arsenal characterised by razor-sharp musicianship and irresistibly catchy anthems, where every instrument resonates with monumental presence and a lead vocalist larger than life.

Following the breakthrough success of their single 'Find Your Way', Audio Reign unveiled their debut full-length album in Australia, providing a compelling glimpse into their prowess—a sonic tempest featuring colossal guitars, soaring melodic vocals, and an unstoppable rhythm section. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by the acclaimed Jarred Nettle, the album seamlessly captures the band's live ferocity while delivering epic hooks with precision.

The band's energetic prowess has catapulted them to noteworthy heights, gracing stages at prominent shows and festivals, sharing billing with global giants such as Skillet and Pop Evil. In 2020, Audio Reign's intimate stripped-back acoustic performance supporting Kip Winger in Australia underscored their versatility, leaving an indelible mark on both Audio Reign and Winger enthusiasts.

This standout performance drew the attention of MR Records, sparking a collaboration that led to the 2021 release of the single 'Relentless' A poignant reflection on overcoming the music industry's pandemic-induced challenges, the song embodies the band's commitment to perseverance. Accompanied by an internationally acclaimed music video, 'Relentless' garnered recognition and nominations.

MR Records recognised the global potential of Audio Reign's self-titled debut album, reimagining it as the 'International Deluxe Edition' with additional tracks for its 2022 worldwide release. Notable singles like the hard-hitting 'Betrayal' exemplify the album's raw emotion and undiluted power, setting a tone that reverberates throughout.

Introducing a new era, Audio Reign's signing with XMusic on August 8, 2023—coincidentally the day of the iconic Beatles Abbey Road crossing photo—took their journey to new heights. Under the guidance of Tim McLean Smith, XMusic embarked on catapulting Audio Reign to the next level, releasing the high-energy single 'Motorway' in October 2023 as a precursor to their eagerly anticipated new album.

With a wealth of experience since their formation in 2011, Audio Reign boasts a lineup adept at seamlessly transitioning from high-octane tracks like 'Betrayal' to intense slow-burners like the emotionally charged 'Senses' A captivating live show, a burgeoning fanbase, and a repertoire of electrifying material position Audio Reign to ascend to the upper echelons of Australian rock. Their journey, though challenging, commences here with one of the most compelling hard rock albums of the year.

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